The Risk And Reward Of Online Forex Trading With Margins

The associated risks of using a margin account for online forex trading percentage wise could be said to measure up to the rewards. It is key to know what you are doing when you take these risks. When any potential for making large profits is increased the risks also increase. What the foreign exchange trader has to be careful of is not losing his margin account deposit.

Generally speaking a margin account is leveraged on an amount of $100 000 lot. The ratio for this leverage is 100:1 meaning he investor has to deposit the nominal amount of $1000 to open a margin account with a broker. If a currency moves even one cent in the wrong direction, and the forex trader is not aware of what he is looking out for. His entire margin account deposit can be lost.

Safeguards can be put in place to prevent this from happening, and these are called “stop loss orders”. Stop loss orders will mean that your account automatically closes the transaction when the currency you are trading falls to a certain low. These stop loss orders can limit losses, while allowing for profitable trading

One of the problems which is often overlooks by foreign currency traders is the broker, on seeing a currency drop may intervene and counteract your transaction. They see your deposit margin account is falling low because of a shift in currency, and they may close it. If you are riding out a downturn, expecting the trend to change and your broker closes your position you will lose your deposit funds. In order to continue riding this downturn until the shift to an upwards trend occurs; you will be required to make an additional deposit into your margin account.

As we said previously, there are both large risks and large rewards in online forex trading. Professional people are seeing the benefit in trading and are leaving traditional professions to become traders. They need to understand that it is vital to know what they are doing in order to ensure success. Stop loss orders are not the only way to protect your investment in this market. Knowledge is vital! It is important to know how to read market trends and traits, and understand how both profits and losses are made.

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