The Important Steps of Day Trading Forex

Before I talk about how to succeed with day trading forex, I must let you know that many forex traders will lose money. It happens to us all.

If reading that didn’t scare you, then you might be one of the few people who have the courage to day trade the forex market carefully, and not fall into the dangers of overconfidence which many traders suffer from.

But even beyond that, the problem that many day traders have is that they just don’t understand the market.

That’s why you see so many of these day traders inundate their chart with useless indicators that provide absolutely no insight to the market such as stochastics, MACD, RSI, and other bells and whistles that may look pretty on the charts, but don’t amount to a hill of beans.

All these indicators are good for, is to tell you what has already happened. They are completely lagging by nature.

The best way to get over this hurdle is to simply learn price action. Take a forex chart that you happen to be looking at, and strip it of every indicator that you have on it. You’ll be able to see the market in its most raw,and truest form.

If you really study price action the right way, one thing will become very evident to you, and that is future price movement can, in fact be predicted. The opportunities are endless for a hard nose forex day trader. You’ll see so many entries, you won’t know which way to choose.

It’s just so difficult to see this when you have staring back at you, are these indicators that are of no help. If you want to learn day trading, you better learn price action. They are synonymous with each other.

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